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Company's Business

Hot Pot Public Company Limited operates business in restaurants, mainly emphasizing on buffet restaurants under "All You Can Eat" concept, consisting of international buffet restaurants serving Suki Shabu, under the brand of "Hot Pot", and buffet restaurants, serving grill and Shabu in Japanese style under the brand of "Daidomon" In addition, a casual dining restaurant under "Signature" serves steak and fusion food in A La Carte type.

The company currently categorizes all restaurants into 4 brands as follows.

Hot Pot Inter Buffet

International buffet restaurants serve Ski Shabu and more than 100 items of various styles of international food, including desserts, ice cream, and beverages at Baht 379 per person (inclusive drinks) and eating time limit for 1 hour and 30 minutes. In some branches, customers can add a roaster for 2 in 1 type of eating, both boiling and grilling, with additional charge of Baht 40 per person.

Hot Pot Buffet Value

Suki Shabu international Buffet and various styles of food, including desserts, ice cream and beverages, focusing on worthiness by cheaper pricing at Baht 319 per person (inclusive beverages) and unlimited eating time (except some branches with eating time limit for 1 hour and 30 minutes)

All stores had been renovated and then rebranded to "Hot Pot Inter Buffet" brand. The renovation and rebranding were completely implemented in 3rd quarter of 2014.

Hot Pot Prestige

A 5 stars international buffet restaurant, with more than 100 menus of various premium international foods, serving on food bars, focusing on luxurious atmosphere and higher market positioning than other brands at Baht 519 per person (inclusive drinks) and eating time limit for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Only one restaurant under "Hot Pot Prestige" brand located in Central Plaza Bangna has been rebranded to "Hot Pot Inter Buffet" since August 1, 2015.

Hot Pot Suki Shabu

Suki Shabu restaurant in A La Carte type (ordering available foods in menu), roast duck and "specialty formula" delicious sauce in Hot Pot's original style before changing almost all of restaurants to be buffet style.

Hot Pot Ramen Buffet

Japanese style ramen restaurant serves in the style of on food bars buffet at Baht 299 per person (exclusive drink) without eating time limit.

The only one store located in Central Plaza Rama 2 was rebranded to "Signature Steak Loft" on December 25, 2014.


Japanese Grilled buffet restaurants serve various additional food menus. The price is Baht 379 per person (inclusive drinks) and eating time limit for 1 hour and 30 minutes, beverage).


Casual dining restaurants in A La Carte type serve variety of menus of steak, fusion food, salad, spaghetti, appetizer, drink and desserts at medium prices.

In addition, the Company entitled (Franchise) the use for service mark of Hot Pot Inter Buffet to a restaurant entrepreneur whose store is located in The Lao People's Democratic Republic. The store has been opened since June 6, 2016.

As of December 31, 2016, the total of 141 stores of the Company comprising 113 stores of Hot Pot (categorized into 77 Hot Pot Inter Buffet stores, 34 Hot Pot Inter Buffet with Grill stores and 2 Hot Pot Suki Shabu stores), 11 stores of Daidomon and 17 stores of Signature had been operated. There were 2 stores which their last operating day was December 31, 2016.

Almost of branches have been on food bar serving buffet type restaurants, located in Bangkok, vicinity and up-countries, extensively to all national regions by classifying into Bangkok and its vicinity for 58 branches, the central region for 5 branches, the northern region for 21 branches, the eastern region for 22 branches, the northeastern region for 22 branches, the west region for 5 branches and the southern region for 8 branches. Those branches are located in the department stores, modern trades, and shopping centers in order to facilitate the access of target customer groups.

Most of our target customer groups are the group of teenagers, students, working persons and family whose life styles are preferring rapidity, freedom and eating in groups as well as focusing on worthiness. Customers can freely choose the desired foods on food bars, with food variety by themselves.

The factory or central kitchen of the Company, located at Lumlukka District, Pathumthani Province on the area of 13-0-96 rai, has been inspected and certified for production quality standards in food industry, which are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) issued by Intertek Industry and Certification Services (Thailand) Ltd. The function of the factory is raw material procurement, semi-finished food production e.g. different types of meat balls, stuffed squid, and seasoned pork, etc., and sauce production, which is the major seasoning of Suki Shabu, and delivery to all branch restaurants. The quality of foods, raw materials and food flavors and sauces has been controlled to have the same standard in all branches. New types as well as flavor of food have been developed. Furthermore, several semi-finished food has been developed in order to be prepared easily and have the same standard quality.

The Company's logistic system of raw materials and foods from central factory or central kitchen to restaurant branches across the country by its own transport vehicles can effectively control the quality, freshness, time and cost. In addition, the factory or central kitchen supplies utensils, equipment and kitchen wares to all branch restaurants for our standardization and identity. The factory or central kitchen is also the storage facility for preserving both fresh and dried raw materials, semi-finished foods, ingredient, kitchen appliances and utensils in restaurant, etc. with adequate preparation and reservation plan to meet the requirement of each branch.

The Company controls quality and standard of service in every branch restaurant. The restaurant staffs are on-going trained since they are considered to be essence to produce successful service to satisfy customers' need and retain good relationship with customers to keep them coming back to the restaurants.