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Company's Business

JCK Hospitality Public Company Limited (Former Name: Hot Pot Public Company Limited) (“the Company”) operates the restaurant business covering Suki and Shabu served with superb tradition dipping sauce originated by Hot Pot, Japanese style grill and shabu, steak & fusion as well as Italian foods. Most of the Company’s restaurants are buffet style but there are a la carte restaurants as well as casual dining restaurants consisting of Suki Shabu buffet restaurants offering the concept of “all-you-can-eat” under the brand “Hot Pot Inter Buffet”, Japanese style Grill and Shabu restaurants under the brand “Daidomon”, Suki Shabu a la carte restaurants serving roasted duck and superb “authentic recipe” dipping sauce under the brand “Hot Pot Suki Shabu”, casual dining restaurants serving steaks and fusion dishes under the brand “Signature” and latest brand “Toomato Italian Kitchen”, traditional Italian restaurant selecting premium ingredients directly from Napoli, Italy.

In 2017, the Company operated restaurants under 5 brands as follows;

Restaurant/Brand Service Mark Concept
1) Hot Pot Inter Buffet The intenational buffet restaurants serve Suki Shabu and wide variety of international food over 100 menus plus desserts, ice cream and soft drinks at the price of Baht 379 per person to let the customers enjoy the meal unlimited within 1 hour and 30 minutes under all-you-can-eat concept. In some branches customers can add a roaster to have both boiling pot and grill roaster at their table with additional charge of Baht 40 per person.
2) Hot Pot Suki Shabu The restaurants offer A La Carte (ordering meal from the menu) Suki Shabu, roast duck and superb “authentic recipe” dipping sauce before changing almost all of restaurants to buffet style.
3) Daidomon Japanese grilled buffet restaurants that are popular among locals for a long time with special marinated sauce and unique taste of dipping sauce which is perfectly matched with fresh ingredients, allowing customers to choose and enjoy the meal unlimited within 1 hour 30 minutes at Baht 379 per person (including soft drinks).
4) Signature The casual dining restaurants that the meals offer the A La Carte style (ordering meal from the menu), serving wide selection of dishs such as steaks, fusion dishes including salads, spaghetti, snacks, drinks and desserts at a price that everyone can afford.
5) Toomato Italian Kitchen A delicious experience of Italian dishes ranges from traditional pizzas and pastas with premium imported ingredients including excellent cheese, tomato and olive oil selected directly from Napoli, Italy.

In addition, the Company has granted franchisees the use of Hot Pot Inter Buffet service mark for a restaurant operator located in the Lao People's Democratic Republic, which has opened on June 6, 2016

As of December 31, 2017, the Company has operated 106 restaurants including: 94 branches of Hot Pot (64 branches of Hot Pot Inter Buffet, 28 branches of Hot Pot Inter Suki plus Grill and 2 branches of Hot Pot Suki Shabu), 7 branches of Daidomon, 4 branches of Signature and 1 branch of “Toomato Italian Kitchen” our latest brand firtst opening on November 1, 2017 at G floor, MBK Center.

Mostly, over 90% of our restaurants are buffet restaurants serving meal on a food bar which are located in Bangkok, vicinity and upcountry covering all parts of the country consisting of 43 branches in Bangkok and vicinity, 5 branches in the central region, 18 branches in the north, 14 branches in the east, 19 branches in the north eastern, 3 branches in the west and 4 branches in the south. Those branches which are located in the department stores, modern-trade stores, shopping centers in order to facilitate the access of the targeted customers.

Our targeted customers are mainly teenagers, students, workers, and families who have fast-style living, freedom, prefer eating out in a group and focusing on the value of money. Customers can freely select the dishes they wish to consume from the wide varieties of buffet line.

Our factory or central kitchen is located at Lamlukka District, Pathumthani Province on the area of 13-0-96 rai. The factory has been inspected and certified for production with quality standard in food industry such as GMP (Good Manufactorying Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) from Intertek Industry and Certification Services (Thailand) Ltd. The factory or central kitchen’s functions are raw materials procurement, semi-finished food production such as different types of meat balls, stuffed squids, and seasoning pork especially the sauces which are the major seasoning of Suki Shabu, and deliver to all branch restaurants. The quality of foods and raw materials, flavors of food and sauces have been controlled to have the same standard at all branches. New dishes and recipe have also been developed. Furthermore, several semi-finished food has been developed in order to be prepared easily and have the same standard quality.

The Company has logistic system to deliver raw materials and foods from factory or central kitchen to restaurant branches across the country by its own transport vehicles allowing the company to control the food quality, freshness, time and cost effectively. The factory also supplies kitchen appliances and utensils in restaurant of all branches for the standardization and identity.

In addition, the factory or central kitchen is also the storage facility for preserving both fresh and dried raw materials, semi-finished foods, ingredients, kitchen appliances and utensils in restaurant, etc. with adequate preparation and reservation plan to meet the requirement of each branch.

The Company controls quality and standard of services in every branch. All restaurant staffs will be trained regulary as they are considered as critical factor to deliver successful customer services which is satisfying and maintaining good relationship with our customers to keep them coming back to our restaurants.